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Administrator's Welcome,

​Welcome to Genesis Christian Academy. We are a non-denominational Christian school open to the public. GCA is committed to the academic, physical and spiritual development of your children and just as our name implies, GCA is a school where your child can get a new beginning. Whether your child is expecting to go to college or pursue a career or maybe they are just behind academically because of one of life's setbacks, our school may be the school for your family. Our licensed and experienced teachers will work with your children and provide the individualized instruction they need to get them back on track or get them prepared for college. Our goal is to prepare them for life as an adult.


What makes our school different? We strive to maintain a learning environment where the children can do their work; a safe environment where they are free of bullying and outside pressures, and a family type environment where children choose to go. We understand that children will make mistakes and we strive to train children in how they should act and behave according to Proverbs 22:6 using positive reinforcement to teach them the correct way instead of verbal chastisement of what they did wrong.


Our entire staff, consisting of college trained and experienced teachers, will strive to provide the highest quality education for your children using standards set forth by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE). Also, Genesis Christian Academy has been a member of Florida Coalition of Christian Private Schools (FCCPSA) since 2015 and we are currently working towards full accreditation with them. Consequently, we can grant a diploma that will get your child into college, and we have many graduates currently enrolled in college today.


Cynthia L. Jones



Genesis Christian Academy is a non-denominational private Christian school committed to the academic, physical and spiritual development of children. The purpose of our school is to provide children with a Biblically integrated education that will not just prepare them for college or pursuit of their individual careers, but also provide the necessary social and emotional stability needed in our fast paced society.

Our History

Genesis Christian Academy is in it's thirteenth year. There are plans in place to expand enrollment and the facilities making GCA a great choice for your family's educational needs for many years to come in Englewood.

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